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Christian Washington started REAL Coaching, Incorporated in 2004 as the first “rapid solutions” consulting practice that focuses on faith-based and non-profit organizations. REAL Coaching provides customized coaching and consulting services that consider the role that theology and spirituality play in the culture of faith-based organizations. Our industry leading services include strategic planning, organizational alignment,  start-up coaching, rapid change management, new product/service and ministry planning, DEI policy implementation, and content creation strategy. 


Globally known as the "Significance Coach", Christian provides coaching and tools to leaders and organizations seeking to make take the journey from profitable success to philanthropic significance.

Before he started REAL Coaching, Christian as a lead facilitator for Leadership Network and The Wildworks Group in Dallas a boutique management consulting practice that employed the accelerated solutions methodology originated by M.G. Taylor. While at Wildworks Christian designed and facilitated collaborative solutions interventions with global corporations and non-profits including Clear Channel Communications, Neiman Marcus, Airlines Reporting Corporation, World Vision, Bell Canada, Grady Hospital, and the United Methodist Church.  

Christian has published numerous articles and papers on innovative organizational development, the theology of "significance", and various types of personal and corporate philanthropy. He is also an accomplished author who collaborated with Dr. Rudy Rasmus on his book TOUCH: Pressing Against the Wounds of a Broken World published by Thomas Nelson.

Much in demand as a public speaker, Christian is a native of Los Angeles and studied Theology at Princeton Theological Seminary, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Cornell University, and management science at the University of California in San Diego. He is a Licensed Local Pastor with the United Methodist Church, a Fellow of the Loyola University Institute of Politics and has served several advisory boards including Fellowship Monrovia, The Greatest Story, and Outreach Magazine. When he is not doing the work that he loves Christian enjoys travel, hiking, tennis, live music and cheering on his hometown sports teams the Lakers, Dodgers, and USC Trojans.



REAL Coaching, Incorporated is a non-profit company that brings "Fortune 500" caliber organizational coaching and solutions to faith-based and non-profit organizations.


"REAL" stands for Rapid Experiential Adaptation Labs and uses a similar methodology (the "IDEA" model) to that of world-class consulting firms.


Our approach creates REAL Solutions, REAL Fast, empowering organizations to achieve their goals efficiently and effectively.