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Have a “Peace” Christmas

I grew up in a warm climate city and never experienced a snowy Christmas day as a child. But I always wanted to know what the falling snow looked, sounded, and tasted like.

As an adult I have had the opportunity to experience the beauty of winter and the tranquility of a "soundless" falling snow. My fondest memory of my first "snow day" was running outside to stick out my tongue to finally taste the cold cotton candy from the sky. To my delight it felt light and airy in my mouth and tickled my lips. I remember that moment as I suddenly I found the word for this new sensation... Snow tasted "peaceful"!

I am smiling as that image replays for me on demand. I am eternally thankful for the "truth" that was to revealed to me that day... God made snow to show me what peace looks like!

Like snow, Peace comes in an infinite amount of unique shapes and sizes. Peace is light and burden free. Peace "falls" on you if you put yourself in position to embrace it. Peace is beautiful and makes everything around you beautiful when it "falls". Peace is available to everyone. Sometimes Peace is right where you are and sometimes you have to leave where you are to find it. Peace is fun when it is experienced with others. Peace is romantic when it is shared with a special someone. Peace creates timeless memories when shared with loved ones. Peace brings clarity and meaning to life when its source is recognized.

May God's Peace fall on you and yours in this season... and may you recognize His Peace, embrace His Peace, and share His Peace with your world.

Happy holidays



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