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"Nothing changes unless it's disturbed or disrupted."

Strategic Gameplan Sessions
(1 to 3 days)

Our Strategic GamePlan Sessions offers a comprehensive approach to help organizations clarify their vision, mission, core values, and goals. Through a three-stage process, we work with clients to establish their organizational DNA and develop actionable 12-month plans that drive clear communication, rapid execution and alignment.

New IDEA Sessions
(1 to 3 days)

We design and facilitate customized Gamelplan sessions using the IDEA Model to articulate and address any organizational problem that requires a rapid collaborative solution.  These high energy retreat style experiences engage larger cross sections of the organization and congregation in the work and produce 90-day action plans for immediate execution.

Accelerated Learning Communities

REAL Coaching works with its clients to identify its "heroes” -- those churches, teams, or individuals that are thriving in the midst of chaos and decline. We then designs a 1-3 year “learning community" for these innovators and role models. ALC’s enable organizations and denominations to accelerate the progress and success of their most innovative churches and leaders by bringing them together regularly to learn from an coach each other. The long-term benefits include the collaborative relationships of adaptive leader and team "cohorts", along with detailed documentation and wide distribution of their successful models and innovations (blogs, video series, think pieces, case studies, master classes, art, etc.).

Collaborative Session Design Calls
(3 hours)

These sessions, conducted via Zoom, are for executive and staff teams (up to 12) seeking to combine their efforts and design solutions for complex organizational problems.  These sessions can also be used to design a larger strategic retreat that engages a cross section of stakeholders, staff and members/clients in collaboratively creating a plan for organizational change.

Coaching Zoom Calls
(1 to 3 hours)

IDEA Calls for leaders who are stuck and need to challenge their current assumptions and/or generated new ideas.

Innovation Calls for leaders whose organizations face significant challenges that require adaptive change. This coaching session is designed to help leaders challenge their current assumptions and recognize patterns that are no longer useful. 

Disruption Calls give leaders the constructive disruption needed to get unstuck and begin see possible new ways forward.

Conference/Event Enhancement

Facilitated Debrief Sessions: Our Strategic Gameplan Style Debrief and Action Planning Sessions help conference participants process their learnings, develop models and strategies, and create action plans (using our templates) for implementing new ideas in their organizations.

Graphic Facilitation: Our Graphic Facilitation services utilize visual artists to provide a "wow factor" as they capture conference speeches and themes in real-time, usually from the main stage. This use of "performance art" enhances learning, creates an information-rich environment, and serves as a roadmap for events that extends the experience for participants as they share it with others.



REAL Coaching, Incorporated is a non-profit company that brings "Fortune 500" caliber organizational coaching and solutions to faith-based and non-profit organizations.


"REAL" stands for Rapid Experiential Adaptation Labs and uses a similar methodology (the "IDEA" model) to that of world-class consulting firms.


Our approach creates REAL Solutions, REAL Fast, empowering organizations to achieve their goals efficiently and effectively.